My Story of a Small Business Owner using Internet and Mobile Marketing

When I decided to pursue becoming a small business that provided Internet and Mobile Marketing Services, I wanted to fully understand everything involved to be successful in this area. If I didn’t fully understand the effort and cost required, I felt I couldn’t honestly and truly add value for others.

In the beginning

I dabbled in the past with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing with my real estate investing business. I spent many hours establishing SEO infrastructure and understanding the costs involved. I was rather successful early on getting to the first page of Google while using keywords for real estate in Orlando. I also had a few mentors which accelerated my learning curve. Having mentors or connections who understand solid SEO techniques was crucial because it’s not called the Web for nothing. If you don’t set things up properly then you will get all tangled up for sure. In time as the real estate market dropped like a rock I executed my exit plan to get out of real estate altogether and focus on other important parts of my life.

Current Status

I was recently laid off by big corporate America. The next few months I reflected what I really wanted to do when I grew up. After many ideas and thoughts, I reflected back on my time learning internet marketing as a small business owner and the difficulties and challenges associated with establishing a solid internet marketing plan. So after a lot of soul searching and discussions with my wife, we decided this was certainly something I was passionate about, helping small business, organizations, and charities with Internet and Mobile Marketing. So I casted off this venture by doing a lot of research on this topic. One observation was most companies don’t offer both internet and mobile marketing solutions. Combining the power of the internet and mobile devices will be a key uniqueness I will provide small organizations to make them stand out from the competition.

The Future

Before I could help someone else, I needed to truly go through what it would be like for a small business owner get internet and mobile marketing infrastructure established. Well I can honestly tell you it took about 80+ hours from scratch, and I already knew most of the basics! And yes if a business is serious about expanding their customer base, you will need to put in an investment. Not a big investment, but certainly not free either. If I had to describe this experience in a few words it would be time consuming, at times frustrating, and overall exhausting. In the end though the overall experience was satisfying because I truly felt the pain it would take for a small business owner to implement internet and mobile marketing to explode their business. I understand everyone has different levels of experience and knowledge when it comes to marketing online, but my story is from the middle of the road when it comes to experience and knowledge. So you can determine your outcome, give or take, based on your personal experience and knowledge.

Do you want to explode your business using Internet and Mobile Marketing?

In summary, I don’t recommend a small business owner implement internet and mobile marketing on their own. You certainly can, but the resources of your company have more value add in other areas of the business. My advice is don’t reinvent the wheel. A small investment in a solid internet and mobile marketing plan will definitely increase your visibilty and credibility in your marketplace in a relatively quick period of time. In future articles I hope to provide more beneficial information for small organizations looking to start or modify their existing internet and mobile marketing plans.

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