My Story of a Small Business Owner using Internet and Mobile Marketing – The Pilot Program

It has been quite some time since I updated my story to pursue becoming a small business that provides internet and mobile marketing services for small business, organizations, and charities. A lot of behind the scenes work has been accomplished since my last update. If you recall the first part of the story described my challenges implementing an internet, social media, and mobile marketing plan for my own business. I had a steep learning curve even knowing the basics going into this venture.

The Pilot Program begins

After a long vacation with my family in July, I started a pilot program with a local scuba diving small business. It was a perfect match because Got2Dive is just starting their small business with little online presence. I could not have asked for a better situation because the owners are awesome people who are very determined to grow their business. So on with the story about a small business looking to increase visibility and credibility in their marketplace using REAL Internet and Mobile Marketing.

RIMM customer solutions “involve a bit of Art and Science with a Touch of Magic“.

Phase One

The first phase of the pilot program was determining the customer’s brand and story. After a few brainstorming sessions we discovered many opportunities and hidden gems. These sessions were useful not only for me but the customer as well. The customer has so many great ideas; they just needed someone to put some structure under them. During one of the sessions I recall how much fun it was helping this customer with defining their brand and story. At that point I realized this is what I wanted to be when I grew up. This part of the “Get Started Program” is what I refer to as the Art phase. We had some many ideas posted on the wall it was almost like we were painting a picture.

Phase Two

The second phase of the pilot program was actually putting all the internet infrastructure pieces in place. This was my steepest learning curve because of my lack of exposure to the specific tools. But with my 28 years of experience working with computer software applications and determination I was able to clear all the technical huddles along the way. I developed a solid template for success and I’m confident it will add value for other small business, organizations, or non-profits. This part of the “Get Started Program” is what I refer to as the Science phase. Internet application development requires research, testing, trial and error just like any good science project.

Phase Three

The third phase of the pilot program was education and training for the owners. I spent considerable amount of time developing useful and effective education and training solutions. I firmly believe education and training is the most important deliverable to the customer. I can’t deny implementing REAL solutions takes some time and effort upfront. But it’s like any thing in life, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Also being REAL can be delegated or passed on to new folks. With that said, internet marketing is so worthwhile. I believe this because other forms of marketing are only temporary in nature, but internet marketing is permanent. For example a newspaper, TV, radio, post card, mail flyers are a one-time occurrence which means they are run once and its gone. Internet marketing on the other hand stays out there virtually forever. The potential is out there for your marketing to be seen days, weeks, months, or years from now. But understanding the who, what, where, how, and why is critical to customer success and I will constantly improve in this area as well. This part of the “Get Started Program” is what I refer to as the Touch of Magic phase. Education opens the mind to understanding the seemingly infinite internet and mobile marketing possibilities.

Conclusion – Small Business Internet Marketing Pilot Program

Before I started the pilot program I wasn’t sure what to expect. As it progressed I started to realize the potential to help small business, organizations, and charities increase the visibility and credibility within their marketplace. Many ideas were spawned from the pilot program and one of them was the “Get Started Program”. Are you a small business, organization, or charity looking to increase your visibility and credibility, I invite you to contact us to discuss the potential of REAL internet and mobile marketing.

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